Mini-Grid Systems

In remote areas, it is often infeasible to connect communities using traditional grid extensions.  Our expertise designing and building community scale mini grids allows for integrated solutions that solve the underlying development issues in remote areas.  Whether it’s 20 households or 2,000, we can provide a comprehensive solution from GIS design, community surveying, revenue estimation, system sizing and layout, construction, and ongoing maintenance.

Selecting the right design is critical for successful mini-grid operation.  We start by mapping communities within a relevant area. This allows the project developer to see approximately how many people can be connected within a given budget.  After mapping, communities must be surveyed to estimate their ability to pay and demand for power. Only then can system size and layout be accurately determined.

Following site scoping and system design, it is crucial to move quickly and decisively to construction, lest the community be disenchanted by the promise of electricity.  Our experienced project managers guarantee your system will go in on time and within budget. After commissioning, rapid maintenance service is required to ensure continued engagement and utilization.  Our technicians will remain on call, fixing broken wires and addressing generation issues as they arise.

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